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     The cleaners from Loxford Carpet Cleaning did a fantastic job on my flat. It is absolutely immaculate. I would certainly hire them again.
Morgan L.21/05/2020
     Excellent upholstery cleaning services and also very affordable. Keep up.
Kim M.20/09/2019
      Loxford Carpet Cleaners offer pretty much every domestic cleaning service you could need, plus a few random ones that I probably won't ever use. Nice to have so much choice and good that you can put your own package together.
Fenton Gou30/03/2018
      Loxford Carpet Cleaners has the best cleaners in town, good prices too!
Erica Wilson07/12/2016
     I am one of those people who refused to hire professional cleaning service for fear that it would be too expensive. However when I stumbled upon LoxfordCarpetCleaners I was kind of amazed that they would be so inexpensive. I called them, hired for a general house cleaning once and stuck with them to the date. Brilliant company!
Kris 17/03/2015
     Ok, LoxfordCarpetCleaners are great! I say this because instead of having to buy a whole new set of carpets for my living room, one of their employees suggested that he try something and it worked! And that wasn't even part of the original job I hired them for! Needless to say, they went above and beyond what was asked of them and that's what I appreciate the most. Who knew that a revitalised carpet could make a person smile! That probably sounds a little daft I know, but hey, really, this cleaning business are the real thing, great set of people!
Dominic D.23/10/2014
     End of tenancy cleaning is a chore nobody wants to do and when we were moving from our old flat into a new house there was no way we were going to have the time or the inclination to get it done to the standard to which it needed doing. We used LoxfordCarpetCleaners and they gave us a really good price plus an excellent service. They were prompt, polite and got the job done to the highest standards within a few short hours. I was absolutely amazed at how great the flat looked and I am sure the landlord was impressed too!
Karl S.09/10/2014
     With three kids, a husband, a cat and dog it can be quite an effort tried to keep my home clean! I've resisted hiring a cleaner for some time but a good friend of mine who I trust said she had a very good experience with LoxfordCarpetCleaners and I was curious enough to give them a call. The person I spoke to was so helpful and informative and explained everything in detail about what I would receive so I went ahead and booked a visit. The woman, cleaner I should say, arrived on time and did such a good job. It was like having my very own little helper. Well worth the money and I now use this company on a regular basis.
Julie Mackintosh13/08/2014
     My house has been a little neglected over the years, as much as it shames me to say it I had to face the reality of this recently. For a long time I could not motivate myself to do it as Id let things build up for so long that the thought of trying to rectify the situation was too much too bare. After hiring LoxfordCarpetCleaners to help me get back on track it left me wondering why I'd never thought of doing so before, they were amazing, the do not judge, they are extremely helpful and it's given me the boost what I needed to keep up the standard of cleanliness now, happy customer.
Carl G.08/05/2014

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